Alexander Yanin: there’s a city somewhere as quiet as a dream

Paintings by Alexander Yanin (Александр Янин, born 1958) are extremely warm, full of humor and poetry. Even the names of the paintings are playful: „Moonrise and half a kilo of sausages”, „She liked to fly at night”, „The man who is impossible to understand”, „Someone walks in the dark”, „Morning jazz”. Looking through the artist’s works, we immerse ourselves in his fairy-tale world of angels, cats, children, teenagers in love, and kind adults: in every face, you can see the good. By interacting with Yanin’s art, we become better people, focus on what is positive in life, notice the charm of the moment. As we know, „only moments are beautiful in life.” Even his paintings of still life radiate positive energy. Genre scenes take us to Caucasian climates and specific Caucasian folklore. Most people will rather associate them with Georgia than with the Kabardian-Balkar Republic, where the artist lives and works. Yanin managed to create his own painting style, so characteristic and unique that he became an artist recognizable all over the world. His works are bought by renowned museums and have also found their way to many private collections.

Aleksander Janin, Trudno żyć na świecie pionierowi Pieti
Alexander Yanin: It is difficult to live in the world for the pioneer Petya
Aleksander Janin, Autoportret
Alexander Yanin: Self-portrait
Aleksander Janin
Alexander Yanin:
Aleksander Janin, Ona lubiła latać nocą
Alexander Yanin: She liked to fly at night
Aleksander Janin, Niedziela
Alexander Yanin: Sunday
Aleksander Janin
Alexander Yanin:
Aleksander Janin, Martwa natura
Alexander Yanin: Still life
Aleksander Janin
Alexander Yanin:
Aleksander Janin, Sumertime
Alexander Yanin: Summertime
Aleksander Janin
Alexander Yanin:
Aleksander Janin, Jest gdzieś miasto ciche jak sen
Alexander Yanin: There’s a city somewhere as quiet as a dream
Aleksander Janin
Alexander Yanin:
Aleksander Janin, Wschód księżyca i pół kilo serdelków
Alexander Yanin: Moonrise and half a kilo of sausages
Aleksander Janin, Człowiek, którego nie sposób zrozumieć
Alexander Yanin: A man who cannot be understood
Aleksander Janin, Herbaciana martwa natura
Alexander Yanin: Tea still life
Aleksander Janin, Czasem się obudź
Alexander Yanin: Wake up sometimes
Aleksander Janin, Bezsenność
Alexander Yanin: Insomnia
Aleksander Janin, Ktoś chodzi w ciemności
Alexander Yanin: Someone is walking in the dark
Aleksander Janin, Dalekie kraje
Alexander Yanin: Faraway countries
Aleksander Janin, Każdy myśliwy chce wiedzieć
Alexander Yanin: Every hunter wants to know

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